weymark duck holloway kutra anderson morgan hilliard chung bryant mcmahon sheldon wilson pitman montgom black beer suttle walker shea siemon piave
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Back row:
Jenny Duck-Chong, Maria Kutra, Alison Morgan, Robin Hilliard, Raff Wilson, Lindy Montgomery, Richard Black, Ed Suttle
Middle row:
Brett Weymark, Reg Holloway, Richard Anderson, John Pitman, Daniel Beer,
Antony Walker (conductor)
Front row:
Tim Chung, Catherine Bryant, Paul McMahon, Jane Sheldon, Natalie Shea, Linda Siemon, Nadia Piave
Not in photo:
Miriam Allan, Corin Bone, Anne Farrell, Kerith Fowles, Shelli Gilhome, Judy Herskovits, Marianne Powles, Josie Ryan
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